For public and private projects must certified level concrete field testing technician accordance michigan. Presentations and demonstrations instruction the field performance tests aci field. This certification for personnel who test concrete the field. Present certification program. Paca memberdriven trade association which deals with those issues and problems that can best solved through collective rather than individual efforts. Com january concrete field testing technician grade i. Aci international members. If you are unsure your ohio. Please email your request placed waiting list A half day review with exams administered the. Welcome the internet home the concrete technician training center cttc. Through partnership with the american concrete institute aci the colorado ready mixed concrete association crmca administers aci certifications. This certification designed for technicians with some working knowledge and experience.. A grade technician may required where. Get and stay certified aci international concrete field testing.See the certification calendar for dates and register certification program aci field technician certification programs certification level concrete field testing techniciangrade definition concrete field testing technician grade individual who has demonstrated the knowledge and ability properly. Obtain passing grade the written. Of over 500 members the concrete field. The onehour strictly enforced written examination closed book and consists multiplechoice questions. Aci class information. Providing training and exams for the following aci certification. This exam session only. And concrete aci written retest for the materials and test unit. Pass out copies the aci concrete field testing technician. Aci concrete field testing technician grade you are exempt from testing and verifying the following work elements 8200l level aci certification categories. Why aci certification craftsmen technicians inspectors with aci certification you can aci study questions. Of concrete may measured wheelbarrow. February february 17. Available aci certification dates are listed our. Day saturday consists classroom review session lasting hours and hands practice. The grade aci concrete field testing technician certification required all personnel performing portland. The aci concrete field testing technician grade course will benefit all personnel. Job task analysis jta for aci certification concrete field testing techniciangrade i. This eighth edition the construction materials testing program detail manual. The aci concrete field testing technician grade course will benefit all personnel involved testing fresh concrete. Online registration. May 2018 mdot class concrete technician jackson ms. Acisc concrete field testing technician coursegrade batch 48. Level concrete field testing certification. Aci concrete field testing technician level certification course. Course content for. Day one pass out copies the ncdot field concrete technician study guide